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Pet Kennel Services in Edmonton, AB

A Range of Kennel Services to Meet Your Needs

A&S Kennel proudly provides a variety of pet kennel services in Edmonton, AB, including boarding and kennel services. We take great care of your pet, providing personalized attention to make sure they are rested and relaxed while you're away. Please note, we do not permit customers to speak to their pets while they are away, due to the stress and anxiety it causes to animals. However, we will provide you with pictures and care updates throughout their stay. There is no extra charge for medication.

Boarding Services

All dogs are given their own run unless otherwise requested. Blankets, toys, beds, bottled water, and bowls are provided, but you will need to provide food and anything else your pet needs from home. We do keep water outside as well as indoors, weather permitting.

Daily Routine

Our day starts at 6:30 AM. We wake the pets and take them outside to their runs to do their business, and then serve them breakfast indoors while our staff cleans their indoor and outdoor areas. After breakfast, pets enjoy quiet time and personalized play, including fetch and scent-based activities with a staff member. During this time, we take dogs out one by one to our outdoor areas. Dogs that are not engaged in play may simply rest and relax.

We are closed to the public to allow for uninterrupted play at this time. Playtime is dependent on the specific dog and weather conditions. In cold weather, we have covered pathways available.

At 3:00 PM, our routine starts again, followed by a final walk at the end of the day to ensure all pets are ready to settle down for the night. We perform a bedtime check of all dogs using surveillance cameras, to avoid disturbing them as they sleep. Both our manager and owners live on-site and can hear, observe, and remotely surveil the facility at all times, ensuring your pet's safety.

Other Pets

In addition to dogs and cats, we accommodate pets such as rabbits, fish, hedgehogs, pet pigs, sheep, birds etc. Contact us to learn more.

Kennel Services

For an additional charge, we offer relaxing baths and nail trimming to pamper your pet during their stay and save you time when you return. They'll look and feel great after visiting us. 

Pick Up and Drop Off Services

We offer a range of pick-up and drop-off services, including shuttling to doggy daycares, veterinary visits, kennel services appointments, and airport transportation. In the case of airport services, we are happy to meet you at the airport to pick up your animals so you can make a connecting flight, or to care for your animals during a flight delay. Fees for our transportation services are based on the locations involved and must be scheduled in advance. Reservations are recommended.

Contact us, today, at 780.935.2474 for more information about kennel services, rates, and cat and dog boarding in Edmonton.

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