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Kennel Rates in Edmonton, AB


A&S Kennel rates in Edmonton, AB, for pet boarding are charged on a daily or monthly basis. For monthly rates, please give us a call. If a separate kennel is required for each of your pets, you will be charged full price for each kennel. All pick-ups and drop-offs must occur during our designated hours. The daily rates apply to your drop-off whether it is in the AM or PM. The daily rate is not charged for pick-ups during our morning hours. For additional pets per household, rates can be adjusted. Please contact us at 780.935.2474 for more information. For an additional fee we also provide pet grooming in Edmonton.

Daily Rates

  • 1 Pet in Kennel - $30.00 per Day
  • 2 Pets in Same Kennel - $40.00 per Day
  • 3 Pets in Same Kennel - $50.00 per Day
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